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A Urine Test Reviles the Truth behind Your Food

A urine test can show how healthy your meals are designed by UK scientists.They think it is because people have a bad reputation in their recording of your eating habits can be used to improve nutrition or weight loss advice.

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As 2.2 Million Allegedly Affected By Data Leak Mcdonald’s Urges Users In India To Update App

McDonald and urged users to McDelivery application in India for updated and independent security company claimed that personal and sensitive data from about 2.2 million users are being leaked. Fast food giant tweeted a statement on Sunday (March 18), said: “… our website and the application does not store any sensitive users of financial data such as credit card details

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Authorities In Puerto Rico Seized A Shipment Of 40,000 Fake Condoms

The authorities in Puerto Rico seized 40,000 false condoms that did not protect against pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.Condoms allegedly from China were seized in several operations over five days.


365 Bones Recovered Suspects Arrested In Connection To Ring, Human Bone Smuggling Reports

Eight men were arrested this week as part of a human trafficking ring in West Bengal, India, after the authorities uncovered 365 bones in a village, CNN reported. The deputy head of state police, Ajay Sharma, said he believed the bones had been pulled from the bodies of the deceased in the Bordwan district.

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By Smelling You German Shepherd Dogs Can Diagnose Breast Cancer

What if the dog could walk across a line of people and choose from those who knew they had growth cancer in their bodies? It may seem elusive, but with proper training dogs you may be able to rinse the disease the same way you detect drugs or bombs.


‘In Presence Of TV Crew’ Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mauls Owner To Death

A man from London died after he died to death by his Staffordshire Paul Trier. The 41-year-old victim, whose name has not yet been identified, was assaulted in a property in Normans near Wood Green on Monday (20 March) and died in hospital a few hours later.

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As Famine Crisis Looms Threatening 16 Million Lives Appela To Help East Africa

Launched a disaster emergency committee (DEC) in the United Kingdom appeal to East Africa crisis as at least 16 million people facing hunger in the region. Violence and instability and drought exacerbated by climate change drive people in southern Sudan, Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia towards starvation and death.

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Poisson d’Avril And Other Traditions Explained, How Did April Fools’ Day Start?

You should not blindly believe something you read online, but on Saturday, you need to keep an eye out for the fake news. It is April Fool’s Day, a historic celebration where people all over the world get a joke.April Fools’ Day may have started as long ago as in the 1500s, at a time when the French and other Europeans were changing to the Gregorian calendar, according to the History Channel.

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Over A Million Jobs In Jeopardy India’s Latest Alcohol Sale Ban Could Put

Hundreds of thousands of alcohol shops, restaurants and hotels across India may be forced to close the shop, where profits are expected to dry up after a new Supreme Court ruling. The country’s top judiciary has decided to uphold a ban on the sale of alcohol in establishments less than 500 meters away from all national and national highways.


Thousands Plucked To Safety As Migrants Drown In Mediterranean

An eight-year-old boy drowned in the Mediterranean Sea, where thousands of migrants made the perilous trip to Europe during the Easter holiday.The Italian Coast Guard announced the launch of 19 rescue missions when the migrants tried to Libya from rubber trips and wooden boats.