‘Great Pay-Off’ As Rick Goes To War With Negan Offered By The Walking Dead Season 7 Finale


The director Dead Walking has promised a “big boost” at the end of Season 7. Viewers itch to see if the villain killer Nijan get his strength after making Rick, Darrell and other survivors bear death and humiliating misery for several weeks.The climatic events will unfold in the next episode, on the first day of the rest of your life, where it is hoped that Rick will lead his group of Alexandrians to victory against the Negandans and the faithful and loyal tyrants.

“It was appropriate, I was very happy with him, I think fans will be happy fans, so we sometimes impatient but if people join him will be happy with the conclusion and excited to see what will happen,” said Josh McDermott, who plays Eugene in a zombie series. Then. ”

Actor Tom Payne, who plays Jesus Hilltop Resident, added: “There are some great revenue moments, I really enjoy the different ringtones the story they take while they do a great job with the number of characters in the show now, giving everyone their specific parts and payments that occur throughout the show , Everyone needs to be patient sometimes, it can not be the same every episode. ”

Viewers hope for a long time in the series of your mother to finish work after many criticized the slow nature of the seventh season. In October, the fans were thrilled with the first gripping episode, in which Nigan saw the murder of the popular figures Glenn and Abraham, but the numbers seen have decreased since then.

“If you put the same offer in front of people again and again, they will see and welcome it because it feels familiar, and we go pretty much not to make a familiar show, and when you go to uncomfortable ground, people get uncomfortable,” said director Greg Nicotiero, defending the pace of the season. , This is not bad filmmaking, we are artists, we want to draw amazing pictures, we do not want to draw the same pictures every single time. ”

Ross Marckand, who stars for Aaron, praised the “emotional intensity” of the first half, noting that this season is different from its predecessors. The representative of Gabriel agreed with Seth Gilliam, saying: “I like the idea that heroes are beaten to the point of non-existence and try to rediscover their battle and internal fire.”

Some viewers feel that the story of Niguan has been pulled out, with a character introduced for the first time towards the end of Season 6 and causing chaos throughout the entire season. However, actress Alanna Masterson, who plays Tara, says if Ric & Co. Earlier, Niguan was killed, she would have been offered to “most of the world’s anti-climate show.”


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