From London Nigeria’s President Will Talk To Trump Where Buhari Is Having Treatment


A spokesman for Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari stressed that the head of state would have a telephone conversation with his US counterpart Donald Trump today (February 13). “It is certain. And will be held in Nigeria at 3:45 GMT, 02:45 London time,” said Femi Adesina.

A spokesman then said that Buhari was still in London, where he was undergoing medical treatment.Nigerians have become increasingly concerned with the health of head of state, who was scheduled to return to Nigeria on February 6. However, Buhari long periods of time to complete his medical examinations recommended by the doctors.

This step further spread of rumors about his deteriorating health, is likely to undermine confidence in his administration, despite the efforts of the presidency to reject allegations of bad health.

Nigerian presidency has issued several statements denying allegations Buhari was seriously ill or even died after being declared fake versions of news sites Metro United Kingdom and the Huffington Post that the leader had died and “was caught committing suicide.”

On February 9, in Holland Park, the presidency published on social mediapictures of steam meeting Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu and chairman Bisi Akande in Abuja House in London, West London.

It is also expected a trump card to have a phone conversation with South African President Jacob Zuma. She stressed the presidency of South Africa that it had received “a request from the White House,” a telephone conversation with the head of state. It is not yet clear at any time of the call will be conducted with Zuma.