Francois Fillon Rocked By New Controversies French Presidential Candidate


Francois Fillon, the Republican candidate in the upcoming presidential elections in France, saw the weekend more scandals in the campaign, which saw him mostly in a defensive position.On Saturday (March 11) tweeted on Fillon troubled that he had “not tolerate” his party to publish a cartoon challenger Emmanuel MACRON be accused of using anti-Semitic tropes. The same party apologized after the incident, which saw a caricature of the luckiest MACRON portrayed as a bank with a hook nose cut cigars with sickle of communism.

Fillon said that the Workers’ Party to be disciplined concerned, the Guardian newspaper reported.”The tough political battle, but must remain dignified,” he said.But on Sunday, he accused the Prime Minister of France by a French newspaper received two suits designed worth € 6500 (£ 5700, $ 6900) bought by his supporters. French law limiting political donations from one individual to 4600 €.

The person who signed the checks to pay for the lawsuit, which was not identified, had told the newspaper that he paid “at the request” of Fillon said, adding: “without receiving the minimum thanks to since then,” said the Telegraph.In an interview with Les Echos, Fillon replied: “a friend gave me suits in February what?”. Before complaining that his actions are checking every day.

The Fillon was the front-runner to replace Francois Hollande shop next president of the French Republic, but allegations that he gave his wife and children and parliamentary fake jobs – with his wife, Penelope Fillon paid more than 810,000 €, according to the documents – cause dangerous damage to his position.

Recent polls indicate that the independent candidate MACRON center on his way to win each of the first and second rounds of the presidential election, putting him ahead of far-right populist Marine Le Pen in the first round.After the scandals Fillon sent a polling numbers falling, and it was Le Pen topped some estimates of the results.