Fires Back At Viewer For Body-Shaming Her News Anchor Expecting First Child


A reporter from Augusta, Georgia, criticized one of her viewers for dispersing her. Laura Warren, who works for the news channel Rodeo, has written a post job shooting back at the viewer who called her just a disgrace to her body.

The 27-year-old anchor posted her voice mail on her blog – Pump, Baby, and Breaking News – where a woman can be heard asking Warren to buy “decent” clothes. “Please go to the target and buy some decent maternity clothes so you do not walk around looking like you got a melon strapped under your clothes very tight,” the caller said in the mail.

“Targit got a whole lot of maternity clothes. If you do not hear anything like that, you get to where you’re disgusting on TV.” “I really do look disgusting, what outfit are you talking about, why did I call on Friday, I did not work until Friday …. Did you boil all week and waited until I was about to leave my voicemail? Hey crap, I tear up my office? Not here, not, more than this. ”

However, Warren said she did not disturb the negative comment. “I think that instead of allowing me this woman, I will turn her negative energy into positive energy,” she says in her article. “I will say many nice things that I can do to as many people as possible, and I will do that in a dress that suits these beautiful new curves with my bellyful” Watermelon “.

“But part of the reason I wrote this blog is to discuss how easy it is to stop this negative comment, rather than the positive sea,” Warren said. She was going to keep wearing dresses that fit her new “beautiful new curves with my melon” stomach show. “


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