Fake News Is ‘Killing People’s Minds’, Apple CEO Tim Cook


CEO of Apple calls on governments and technology companies to step up the battle against fake news and misinformation on the Internet, and described it as “one of the main problems today.” In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Cook called on governments to launch a media campaign to curb the spread of false news, hoaxes and misinformation that “the minds of the people killed, some way.”

“I do not need to be rooted in the schools, and it has to be ingrained in the public sector and” Cook publication of the British. “There must be a large-scale campaign. We have to think through every demographic. We need a modern version of the campaign public service announcement can be done quickly if there is a will..

“We are going through this period of time here where unfortunately some people that are winning are the people who spend their time trying to get the most clicks, do not say more than the truth.”

Social media companies, news aggregators and other technology companies including Facebook and Google has been criticized on a fake news does not do enough to curb the spread, particularly during the presidential season, the last American election campaign.

Some critics believe the spread of an outbreak of fake news and conspiracy theories online Donald Trump may have helped win the presidency.

CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg initially rejected the claims as “very crazy idea,” but he vowed to tackle the problem. Giant has rolled social media from a series of measures to get rid of the fake news from the podium, such as make it easier for users to flag the suspicious material matter and work with the Checkers the fact that third party.

According to a recent study of the Pew Research Center, nearly a quarter of Americans surveyed confessed they shared the news fake, either intentionally or later find was a liar. He said about two out of every three adults United States faux news stories and the laying of a great deal of uncertainty about the basic facts of current events and issues.

While 45% of adults in the United States, said those polled government and politicians and elected officials bear a great responsibility to prevent fake stories to gain attention, said 43% of the responsibility lies with the public, he said, 42% more that is on social networks and search engines sites.

“All of the technology companies we need to create some tools that help reduce the size of the fake news,” Cook said. “We must try to squeeze this without stepping on freedom of expression and freedom of the press, but also we have to help the reader. Many of us are just now in the category of complaint and did not know what to do.”

Cook said that the crackdown on fake news stories also means that the “honest and reliable and is exciting, deep and news agencies will win.”

“If the rise of fake news] is something that in the short term, I do not think people want to be at the end of the day”, he pointed out.

He added that the education of children in schools about the phenomenon of fake news and the risks associated with it can also help to address this issue as well.

“It’s almost as if you need to track new to talk to the child, for the child’s digital,” said Cook, Cook said. .. “In some ways the kids are easier to teach before a certain age will be, at least, they are very much in listening and understanding [setting], and they push their parents to work we saw this with the environmental issues: children learn at school and go home and say why you have these plastic bottle? Why throw it away? “