Erik Prince Trump Associate ‘Helping China Create Private Army’


Sources close to the US president, Donald Trump and the brother of the Minister of Education Betsy DeVos help China create its own army.Erik Prince, a former US Navy US, is the founder of Blackwater notorious mercenary army, which has grown in fame after working in the company, shot 17 innocent people at the Eagles Square in Baghdad in 2007.

After that player, 47-year-old was forced to testify before the US Congress and issued a number of laws to limit the use of private armies, but Blackwater has continued to receive funding from the CIA under a variety of names for different manifestations.

Prince sold Blackwater in 2010 and then founded a group border services (FSG), which implements the “security and logistical” services.He worked in southern Sudan, the United Arab Emirates, and is trying to convince the Nigerian government to let it fight against Boko Haram, but China is said to be the biggest target Prince.

BuzzFeed sources said that Prince envisions training and deploying an army of retired Chinese soldiers who can protect the strategic interests of the companies and the Chinese government all over the world, without the need to involve the PLA.

“He was working very, very hard to get China to buy a stake in the new company Blackwater,” a former associate of Prince Publication said.”He’s hell bent on restoring its own niche as a provider, a senior military in the world.”

He is also a former ally of the Prince: “The idea is to train soldiers PLA former military contractor in the art of special that way you do not have the actual Red Army to go to these remote areas.”Such areas include the restive region of Xinjiang in China, where he had been suppressed for the minority Muslim Uighurs.

FSG spokesman vehemently denied the reports, although the press releases for the company indicating that it planned to “forward operating base” opening in Yunnan Province and one in Xinjiang.”FSG services to not involve members of the armed forces or the training of members of the armed forces,” the statement said.

The training on Chinese rules “help provide the staff non-military security and close protection without the use of arms.”Export of military services to China is illegal under US law. The trump card is also considered to be hostile for Chinaand described previously in the country as “the enemy.”