During Africa Conservation Mission Prince Harry’s Close Friend Gored By Rhino


A close friend of Prince Harry suffered terrible injuries after he was gore by a black rhinoceros. Lawrence Monroe, 41, was with the queen in Africa where they work on a wildlife conservation project. Monroe was with a group of visitors at Leund National Park in southern Malawi when he was suddenly accused by a female rhinoceros.

A group of donors accompanied the walking safari they encountered the female rhino and her calf. The adult rhinoceros began to charge the group, forcing them to retreat and hide behind a tree. “The child was following her and looking back, obviously she was protecting both the calf and the earth,” one witness said. “In a matter of seconds, our quiet magical descent into the rhinoceros area is quite terrifying.

“The rhinoceros was moving towards us with his head down. I did not think that such a big animal could move so fast.” In an attempt to protect the rest of the group, Monroe entered the course of the rhinoceros but Ghorid was suffering from crushing his leg as thrown into the air. He was given first aid and then flown to a hospital in Johannesburg.

Prince Harry, who had breakfast with Monroe at Bush Camp a few hours ago, was working in another part of the park when his friend was shivering by the endangered animal.

They first met in South Africa in 2015, established a strong friendship, described Harry as “one of the best” and an influential figure in the fight to protect endangered species in Africa and stop poaching. The husband was working on a project of 500 elephants to transport animals from Leond to Nakhutakota National Park when the accident occurred. Harry flew black to London the next day and Mr Monroe is now recovering at home, reported online mirrors.


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