Donald Trump was wire-tapped during election House Intelligence Committee calls for evidence


The request from the executive branch to provide any evidence that the phone of US President Donald Trump was vulnerable to eavesdropping during the elections He said one anonymous senior aide to The Associated Press This request came from before the Intelligence Committee in the House of Representatives, which gave the executive branch until Monday (March 13) to provide evidence.

He said Democrats Adam Schiff, who sits on the panel AFP: “We should be able to determine in a short time to a certain extent if this claim is true or false.”These accusations appeared in a series of tweets that were held on Saturday (March 3).Trump wrote: “how low President Obama went to repent my phones through the electoral process is very sacred and this is the Nixon / Watergate iPad (or sick) man.!

“I’d bet on a good lawyer can be a big case of the fact that President Obama spoke was tapping my phones in October, ahead of the elections!”The spokesman denied Obama claims that Trump so far not backed by any evidence.

It also requested proof of any eavesdropping, with South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, previously stating he was ready to call the intelligence agencies for evidence relating to the claim Trump surprise – other legislators – including some within the Republican Party.

“The president has asked Congress to consider whether or not the eavesdropping campaign by the Obama administration. It will take this challenge,” said Graham Cnn. “We have sent a message to the Ministry of Justice, and asked the FBI to them for any information that might be used to obtain a warrant.

“The goal of this,” said Graham, “is to see if the order was issued prompt campaign Trump.” Asked whether he was calling the information if the agency does not comply with his request, Graham replied simply: “Yes.”

The former Director of the National Intelligence Agency James Clapper interviews that he had no knowledge of wiretapping order against Trump or his campaign, adding that “we certainly hope” that he would be aware of any court orders like this. For his part, he has said Kumi asked the Justice Department to publicly refute the accusations Trump, despite the absence of such a contest and came with him. Obama said to be furious at the accusation, and the idea that Trump and questioning the integrity of the Office of the President