Deepika Padukone Spokes On The ‘Advantages And Disadvantages’ Of Working With Sanjay Leela Bhansali


    The most sought-after face when it comes to brands, actress Deepika Padukone, Has only one regret. Did not get her win at the moment of the year model at the King feather Fashion Awards in 2005, of which Deepika says she hardly has any pictures. is currently filming Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film for the period of Padmafti and has clearly gone out of the differences that have plagued the film so far.

    Earlier this year, the director of Padmavati was attacked while filming in Jaipur by a Rajput group named Carney Senna. Earlier this month, the film sets were attacked and burnt in Masai Pathar in the Kolhapur district of Maharashtra, after which Padmavati suffered losses in the losing Kroor fashion as well as a group.

    Deepika spoke of Padamavati, talking about the pros and cons of working with Mr. Bhansali. “There are advantages and challenges to working with Sanjay Leela Bhansali, as an actor, highlighting my best. For the actor, there is no better creative feeling, and the way he drives you, challenges you, I think these are the things that make me do a Bhansali, Lee and him can bring something new every time. It’s a wonderful collaboration, but it’s up to him to get something new out of me and Ranver Singh, and for us actors to do something different every time.

    Padmavati is the third cooperation Deepika with Sanjay Leila Bhansali, after 2013 at night Ram and 2015 Pajirao Mestani, Both of her stars rumored her boyfriend Ranver Singh. Deepika also recently appeared in the list of top Bollywood actors paying taxes – Debeka paid Rs 10 crore rupees in taxes for 2016. When asked about paying a large sum of tax money, Debika, the daughter of former badminton champion Prakash Padukun, said: “How do you know all this “I have no idea, my father would be the best person to answer this.”

    Deepika Is the new ambassador to L’Oreal cosmetics giant Paris, and is expected to attend the Cannes Film Festival this year. However, Deepika refused to comment when asked about her second potential visit to the French Riviera. Deepika made her debut in Cannes in 2010, when I walked the red carpet in Surrey. Well, Kyu Sara, Sera. I will wait and watch.