‘Crooked Hillary’ New York road sign defaced to read


“Crooked Hilary” has become a synonym for the 2016 US presidential election, and now the New York road sign has given birth to one of Donald Trump’s slogans. The road mark marking the exit on Crooked Hill Road has been tarnished off Sagtikos Parkway in Long Island to read “Twisted Hillary” instead.

This term became widely known thanks to Trump, who is often used to describe his presidential rival, Hillary Clinton. The United States Department of Transportation reported the change in the signature on Wednesday, 15 June, and soon corrected it.

“After we were told to write on the walls, they were removed. Trump used the nickname “Hilary Twisted” close to this week when he wrote on Thursday (June 15) “H harrowing phones hammer, obese e-mails, and the husband was meeting with Og / days before being cleared – they talked about blocking ? ”

He also said: “Why not see the family of Hillary Clinton and Damascus are dealing with Russia, but not dealing?” Clinton was exposed to fire because of the use of a private e-mail server to read classified emails while in the State Department, described at the time by then FBI director James Kume as “negligent” but not guaranteeing prosecution.

In the election, New York State comfortably voted for the former foreign minister. 59% of the vote compared to Trump 36.5%. Although the county-level Suffolk County, where Crooked Hill Road is located, voted in favor of Trump by 7% margin.


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