Connected Devices Division Of Mozilla Is Shuts Down


Mozilla told employees Thursday (February 2) that has been closed attached devices division, which was responsible for bringing Firefox OS devices connected such as routers, funds flow and smart TVs.

According to reports, the absence affects up to 50 employees the non-profit organization of about 1,000 employees at the end of 2016.

In a statement issued at CNET, Mozilla confirmed immediately secularists saying. “Internal approach we have turned to the Internet is available among the things to retreat from their focus on the launch and expansion of commercial products to one focusing on advanced research and development, to solve our initiative connected devices and the integration of our online among the things explorations to the increased focus on emerging technologies.”

Ari Jaaksi, and vice president of connected devices in Mozilla, also left the team. He was responsible for exploring opportunities to promote the Mozilla mission across an increasing range of contact on the modern Internet points Reported last week NEVEUX Bertrand, program director of the group, his business partner about his departure.

50 people, some in Mozilla may remain since they can apply for new jobs.”We have not made this decision simply people are the reason we can get anything done – – and this is not lost on us,” said Mozilla.

Firefox was almost absent from phones & tablets, which represents more activity on the Internet worldwide. According to the network analytical company Stat Counter, Firefox market share in January fell to 14.9% on the PC and 6.8% on all devices.