Christ’s Grave Could Collapse Completely, How Was Jesus’ Tomb Made?


The scientific team, which has just completed its restoration, believes the site, believed to be the tomb of Jesus Christ, is at risk of catastrophic collapse. A group of the National Technical University of Athens recently completed a $ 3.3 billion restoration of the site in Jerusalem, but warned that without further substantial structural work to establish it, the whole structure could be engraved.

The restoration meant that the tomb at the Holy Sepulcher Church in the Old City of Jerusalem had finally opened to the public, but without sufficient support, its future was still uncertain.”When it fails, the failure will not be a slow but catastrophic process,” National Antonia Moropoulou, chief scientific officer of Netwa, was quoted by the National Geographic news agency on Wednesday as saying.

The structure sits on an unstable foundation of old debris and hollow tunnels, walked by millions of people who visit every year, National Geographic reported. Underground radar detectors parts of the tomb on the former buildings and steeply sloping rocks, while other parts of the foundation have eroded age and exposure.

Although there is no way to confirm that Christ’s body actually settled in the place in Jerusalem, the site and his tomb have been honored for nearly 2000 years. It was covered with marble sometime in 1555, likely to prevent people from escaping with pieces of rock as souvenirs.

The restoration team reinforced parts of the walls and columns reinforced with titanium, among other tasks, but noted that much work was needed to fully protect the structure. The National Union of United States Trade Unions has proposed a multi-million dollar project that takes an estimated 10 months to ensure that the site becomes more stable and prevents its collapse.

“This work is a collective action,” Morobolo said. “It is not our property, it belongs to.