By Iraqi Forces As Government Troops Near Bridge, Isis Commander Of Mosul’s Old City Killed


Iraqi government forces say they have killed Isis, commander of the ancient city of Mosul as they try to restore a major bridge crossing the Tigris River.The battle against insurgents has intensified in the last major stronghold in Iraq in the past few weeks with the Iraqi forces and their allies in an effort to keep the jihadists from the western part of the city.

Iraqi federal police say they have killed Abu Abd al-Rahman al-Ansari on Tuesday (March 14) as they recovered alive under shelling and heavy machine guns.It is said that now forces to be within 100M (330 feet) from the railway bridge that connects the west and east of Mosul, but operate under sniper Isis.

“We are still moving towards the iron bridge. We are taking sniper hiding in the surrounding building, and we are still pushing for the iron bridge,” Brig. Gen. Mehdi Abbas, Abdullah said the Rapid Response Unit, told Reuters.A federal police officer and comes as a big blow to the jihadists who shrunk rapidly since Isis lost the eastern half of the city in January region Ansari was killed during the surveys door brick area.

Iron Bridge is one of three of the five bridges still held by Isis in Mosul after destroying others through air strikes or by the militants themselves.The Iraqi army, supported by Western air strikes by US and Kurdish fighters, Iran-backed Shiite militias led and initiated some of the allied forces operation to restore Mosul in October 2016.

Since the offensive began Iraqi forces had recaptured east of Mosul, and about 30% of the west of the city.”It plays a very important role for our troops to secure the river and prevent insurgents Daesh of turning around our advancing forces,” said a spokesman for the quick response.

In the past four weeks, the United Nations says (UN) that the rumors about 50,000 civilians have fled the besieged city amid the threat of sniper fire Isis.On Sunday (March 12) envoy for global coalition to combat Isis, Brett McGurk said Isis militants trapped in western Mosul, and “is going to die there.”

He said, speaking in Baghdad McGurk: “Trapped Isis … any of the fighters left in Mosul, they’re going to die there so we are very committed to not just defeat them in Mosul, but make sure these guys can not escape.”.