By Beachgoers’ Human Chain Florida Family Rescued


In testimony to the true human soul, 80 of the human chain beaches were formed in Panama City Beach in Florida to help save the family pulled into the water by a strong tide. Roberta Orsi and her family were on the beach on Saturday when she heard her two sons screaming for help.

Fortunately, Jessica Simmons and her husband came to the rescue, encouraging people to hold hands and reach those who were in difficulties. The mother of Ms. Orsi, who was among several others trapped in the current debris, was hit by a heart attack and is still in hospital.

Ms Simmons, from Alabama, said she had been raised in a pool and lake since she was able to crawl, and posted on Facebook that there was heavy rain on the beach when the accident occurred. Along with her husband and helping those who make up the human chain, Ms. Simmons transferred people to safety on her plate. Rosalind Picton, 38, a regular visitor to the beach, was at that time with her 12-year-old son and saw the incident. She told the BBC that she was running CPR for a woman who looked after her need, and then suffered a heart attack.

“I have seen many brave citizens who threaten their safety and their lives to form this human chain, and it was amazing and heart warming to see,” she continued. Ms. Picton added that she saw no conscripts at the time. Ms Orsi, who was rescued from the water alongside her family, told the Herald News: “I am very grateful … These people were angels of God who were in the right place at the right time. “I owe my life and the lives of my family to them, and without them we will not be here.”


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