Brexit Talks Will Still Begin Next Week Confirmed By Theresa May


Prime Minister Teresa Mae confirmed that negotiations on Britain’s exit from the European Union would start next week as planned, even as the government continued to recover from the election gamble. Speaking to French President Emmanuel Macron, whose second centrist party is expected to win the French House of Representatives with a landslide, he said the negotiating table had not changed.

The prime minister said Britain and France would work together to pressure Internet companies to make more efforts on extremist materials being held online, saying that companies had failed to commit to tackling the issue. The two countries have been subjected to terrorist attacks claimed by Islamic extremists in recent years.

McCron said he respected the British people’s decision to choose Britain’s exit from the European Union in a referendum last year and wanted to start negotiations quickly, but added: “The door is still open until the negotiations are over. While May took over the leadership of her party and the country after the UK vote to leave the EU, Macaron’s victory was seen as a vote of confidence in the bloc of French voters.

The two leaders will attend a football match between the two countries in Paris on Tuesday (June 13). The players went to Oasis in 1995 “do not look back in anger” and fans on both sides are said to have joined the other national anthem in solidarity programs. A minute silence was held at the stadium for the victims of the recent terrorist attacks.


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