Attorneys Say, Artificial Intelligence Will Require New Laws, Future Robots In The Work Place


International Bar Association Global Employment Institute on the impact of a 120-page report released Tuesday titled, “The artificial intelligence and robotics and work.” Report illegal group warned the change that our ability to install approved means our rules manpower facts so as not to move to countries they will not reflect the government’s new legislative and legal framework , is left behind.

“AI trend, while on an exponential curve legislation is their best on an incremental basis,” said Gerlind Wisskirchen, one of the report’s authors, in a statement. “The new labor and employment legislation needs to keep pace with the quickly increasing automation.”

The report highlights the variety of countries can adopt rules in the context of extensive automation. The authors of “The concept of a human-made market” value of consumer goods currently organic or fair trade products. Products may require “Made by labels such as” humans. The rules can be applied that require quota for humanitarian workers, employed by companies or the tax man.

The report also discusses the concept of universal basic income idea. The idea, which has received a growing number of supporters in the mass unemployment that many predict will be widely distributed to all citizens in order to compete payments will come from automation.

Elon Musk has supported the idea, but the report also offers alternative solutions, you will need to get a week (which services work), including restricting workers to work more than 30 hours rules.The authors said: “The progressive government may set lower social standards of revolution by offering subsidies, vouchers or prizes in the tax system.”


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