At Nursing Home Politician, 75, Guilty Of Fondling Disabled 103-Year-Old Mother-In-Law’s Breasts


Staff at Wayne Nursing Home reported that William Spingler, the former commissioner of Radnor Township until 2015, was taken to the police after he was caught groping for his mother-in-law.

The 75-year-old was convicted of touching the woman on two occasions, but denied any sexual contact on a third occasion.A jury in Delaware County found Spingler guilty of an improper attack on a person with a mental disability following incidents on 8 and 17 December.

Spengler told that he has been taking care of women since his first wife, who was the daughter of a woman, died in 2007.She lived with him for eight years, but she was placed in a care home when she began to suffer from dementia.

Women, who are not identified, require 24-hour care and three home staff reported Spengler’s vision touching women on three separate visits.”I did not sexually abuse my wife, whom I respect and love,” Spingler told “My niece hugged her and loved her and let her know I was there, and that’s all I was doing.”

Spengler is the former commissioner of Radnor City and served in local politics for 30 years before retiring in 2015.He is said to have accepted it in the opinion of other people at home and according to said that their relationship has been one of mutual admiration and false dedication for decades.

The New York Post reported that a police officer said that “touching can not be misunderstood as inappropriate.””It’s a stupid, harmless job that ruined my life,” Spingler said. “I mean, destroyed my reputation, destroyed my work, and was just something that should not have been done.”Springer will be sentenced on 28 September while a psychological psychological evaluation will be conducted.


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