As Nathan Has A Question For Bethany Coronation Street’s Disturbing Sex Ring Storyline Gets Darker


The story of the controversial coronation ring in Coronation Street with a schoolgirl Bethany Platte takes another dramatic turn – if possible – as she eventually gets involved to his assailants.Teenager Bethany’s mother, Sarah, is amazed when she sees that her daughter’s Facebook status has changed from “one” to “engaged”, and that manipulative Nathan Curtis bought her a ring and the question emerged.

Much older Nathan has been grooming Bethany for months and seems to be pairing down the dark path of agony, with strange stories every week. Recently, Nathan invited his young girlfriend to a pool full of older men.

It is known that the worst is to come to Bethany because she ends up in bed with Nathan Neil’s friend at one stage.According to the mirror, Korean leaders are working with the National Police Council, Barnadus and the Greater Manchester Police in an attempt to get the tone of the story of the disturbing story right.

Representatives Lucy Fallon and Chris Harper also met together with producers a young girl in their twenties, who were prepared to make representation more realistic.The soap instructor Kate Kit has received complaints from viewers about the story, but still insists on addressing the issue. “The story of Bettani has been developed over several months, to create awareness for viewers about the risks of grooming.

“Her journey began in a way that many young people recognize: through feelings of self-devaluation, Bethany’s story is a difficult time; but we hope to encourage open discussion among friends and families about self-esteem, confidence and, most importantly, integrity.”

Elsewhere in the soap, as far as strange stories go, Sally Metcalfe is getting the animal’s heart in the wake of her stalker’s trouble online. Her husband Tim will have to sleep in the basement during the ordeal, where he fears someone can break and take his wife before he gets the blood-soaked member in a frightening twist.

Coronation Street continues tomorrow night (March 24th) at 7:30 PM on ITF.