‘As A Precaution’ George HW Bush Former President Admitted To Hospital


Former US President George W. Bush was hospitalized as a precautionary measure, a White House spokesman said Tuesday. The former Republican president admitted on Friday (14 April) a mild case of pneumonia.

White House spokesman Jim McGrath said in a statement that “President George W. Bush admitted to” B “on Friday because of his observation because of the constant cough that prevented him from getting the right rest.

“It was later decided that he was suffering from a mild case of pneumonia that had been treated and resolved, and that President Bush was in good spirits and retained more control while regaining his strength.” “He’s already on the road to recovery and coming home,” McGrath told reporters. The 92-year-old was admitted to hospital for about two weeks in January after suffering a similar bout.

According to the Kho TV station, Bush was placed on a ventilator and kept in the intensive care unit but has been able to gather and have since stabilized. Former First Lady Barbara Bush was also taken to hospital in January.

The couple participated in the pre-match game toss at Super Bowl at the Nerg Stadium in February and were honored by the Mensch International Foundation in March 2017.

In 2014, Bush was hospitalized twice with similar symptoms and spent seven weeks fighting pneumonia. A year later, the 41-year-old suffered a broken bone in his neck after falling into his home. Bush has suffered some form of Parkinson’s disease, forcing him to rely on motor scooters since 2012.


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