Amused By Pakistan’s Calibri Saga, Journalist Behind Panama Papers


One of the eminent figures behind the Pulitzer Prize-winning Pulitzer Prize, Panama said his favorite moment in the joint investigation team’s report was when the team falsified the allegations of Deputy Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Mariam Nawaz. Because the font is used as a algebra.

Frederick Obermeier was a German journalist who first received the leak and then, in cooperation with at least 300 journalists from six continents, made the revelations that many described as “the biggest leak in the history of data journalism.” Bastian Obermeier and Frederick Obermeier praised John Doe, their unknown source. He provided-or-internal files and e-mails from Panama law firm Mosac Fonseca, which specializes in the creation of non-transparent external companies.

A day after the Jeet report was submitted to the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Obermayer wrote on his official Twitter page that his favorite part was when “fraud” was seized by Maryam Nawaz Sharif Panamagat Jit because of the use of the Kalbury line. The Microsoft Calipry line was used to write certified papers naming Mariam Nawaz and recommending several high-end apartments in central London, buying real estate using offshore companies. But the leaves were dated a year before the use of calberry in commercial use on a large scale.

The Panamanian group, which investigated allegations of non-action against the Sharif family, disclosed that it had sent Maryam’s documents to the Radley Criminal Records Laboratory in London for forensic examination. An expert in the lab stated that “he specified the line used to produce the ad that was approved as Calbury.

However, the expert said, Calibre was not commercially available before January 31, 2007 and as such, any of the certified certificates are properly dated and happy to be created later in time. ” Maryam Nawaz denied any irregularities. But that of course did not prevent Pakistanis from social communication from the attack, and here’s how they did it.


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