Alex And Nathan Riggs Love Triangle? Is Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Heading Towards A Meredith


Gray Anatomy season 13 is all about love and more love. Fans have already seen a spark between April and Jackson in last week’s episode and now it’s in turn Meredith, Nathan Riggs or maybe Meredith and Alex.

After the case of assaulting Andrew Deluca, Alex and Mir came closer, and this has raised speculation of the increasing romance between the BFS. But the character of Elaine Pompeo is also attracted towards Reg Charm, and there is a level of comfort between the couple that allows the doctor to hide her infuwatas from her sister Maggie.

The next episode is set to reveal the man in Mir’s life. Martin Henderson, however, is not positive about his near character with Meredith. “It was an interesting episode of shooting because it was the first time … that Nathan and Meredith were forced together, so they are forced to communicate, and then they also find that they work together very well … they start to share details about their personal stories with each other” . “It’s going on a plane, so we know with the planes on the Gray Anatomy, it does not always end well.”

In the promo of Episode 17 titled Until you hear who I am, Mir asks Regis to give her a reason to go with the relationship. She says everyone you know does not like Regs and his jokes and want a serious relationship.

The trio of love among the three doctors is strong, especially after the sudden disintegration of Joe and Alex, followed by Deluca’s attack that threw Alex behind bars. Justin Chambers (Alex) is very optimistic about Marlix’s romance. However, he also believes that their relationship may be more Platonistic.

“I think anything possible, I think friends can become such lovers, this is also possible,” Entertainment International said tonight. “I am very satisfied because they are Platonists, like brother, sister, and friends, and I think that suits them better,” said the 45-year-old actor, leaving the door a little if romance would ignite. “But hey, who knows? Nobody knows how things go, you know? I was my friends with my wife before we start dating.”Created by Shunda Reims, the 13 Gray Anatomy season is broadcast every Thursday night on the APC network.