After Trump’s Inauguration 20,000 Women’s Gather For March In London


“Dirty Women” and “grab them by the patriarchy,” “pussy back on a colorful and grabs” an estimated 20,000-100,000 women and men in London on Saturday (21 January 2017) Colorful protest, marched with the slogan.

British capital in March Women’s Day events organized around the world 673 sister was one of Donald Trump took oath as the 45th President of the United States.

Women’s equality, said party leader Sophie Walker: “We reject that layed out in their view absolutely hate and division donald trump politics, we are marched to denounce the rise in xenophobia in their own country.

“One of the biggest recipients of US exports and racist ideas, sexism and misogyny usual we say we are to compete for the march today.”

Grayson Perry CBE walking side by side with the banner of women’s equality Artist, that he participated in the march even though he was not affiliated with any political party. He said it was a very macho campaign should be to trump the slogan “dead great campaign. We are marching today for women’s equality and all kinds of equality for people widens out.

” The biggest threat symbolism they have not done so stands, it allows people to treat their type, like to feel that it is okay. He said any favor men. ”

London began in front of the US Embassy 24 Grosvenor Square with a short series of speeches delivered by March actress Rebecca Hall. Speeches core message, different voices for March were themed around the idea of creating a space to allow you to be heard.


Administrators also wanted to march in the light of the alignment of the feminist movement, and Sekela Ngamilo, a young student, suffragette movement founder Emmeline Pankhurst or read a passage to freedom of speech.Protesters Trafalgar Square, where it was determined by a rally will be held from 3.30pm 2pm.

Rally speakers are expected politicians Yvette Cooper and Caroline Russell, Sajeela Kershi and Sara Pascoe, and Natasha women to refugee women workers between Walter and Lady Phyll Opoku present Gyimah, co-founder of Black pride, chief executive, humor others artists. TV presenter and women’s equality will act as MC for the co-founder Sandi Toksvig party rally.