After Refusing To Step Down US Attorney Preet Bharara Fired


Bharara said Brett, one of the leading lawyers senior US officials that he had been dismissed after refusing to step down The prosecutor in the Manhattan of 46 American lawyers who were asked to immediately leave the country by President Donald Trump’s management.

Bharara, the federal prosecutor in New York, he was asked, at first to keep his job Trump when the pair held a meeting in 2016. However, his name was included in a list of 46 lawyers, all of the remaining of the Obama administration, who were asked to resign by the order of the Attorney General Jeff Sessions and clear out their desks.

In a tweet, Bharara wrote: “I did not submit his resignation moments before I was being the US Attorney in the SDNY [Southern District of New York] will be forever the greatest honor of my career.”. Bharara on Democratic and Republican lawmakers in the past have taken, and came into the limelight at a time began to pursue cases against Wall Street bankers.

Although it is known that the next president to replace senior officials with their own favorites, it raised the sweeping nature of the request of the Ministry of Justice the latest in many eyebrows. And the White House has not yet been any statement in this regard issued. There are protocols in the United States to bar presidents from direct contacts with federal prosecutors.

Shortly after tweeting him, Bharara issued a statement that read: “Today, I was fired from the positions of the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, my service as attorney general of the United States here over the past seven years will be forever the greatest honor. In my career , no matter what I do or how long I live. ”

According to the Washington Post, two sources who are close to Trump, said that Stephen Bannon, chief strategist for President, and hearings, he wanted to make sure that the administration asserts control when it comes to federal prosecutors.

A statement issued by the New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman: “The sudden decision and unexplained President Trump to remove more than 40 attorneys United States trial triggered again chaos in the federal government Brett Bharara, like many of the lawyers in the United States rejected this week. Served honorably and excellence. “