After Refusing To Sing Despacito Because He Doesn’t Know The Lyrics, Justin Bieber Attacked With Shoe


Pop star Justin Bieber will be sorry for the disappointing fans in Sweden. The Canadian singer was almost hit with the shoe while he was on stage at the Somervorst Festival after he refused to sing his latest number one Despacito.

Piper, 23, was in Stockholm on 10 June when he admitted to spoils to the public that he did not know the lyrics of his remix of Dade Yankee and Luis Fonsi, who spent five amazing weeks in number one in the UK.

In the video clips called the concert, what do you mean? Hitmaker said the Boeing crowd: “I can not do Despacito because I do not even know it, I do not know the song, I can not do it.”One of the angry fans especially cast an object in the singer, reported that he was a shoe, but fortunately he was able to duck and missed his narrow head. Piper surprised this step and said: “Oh, do not throw things at me, please.”

Pop star, who sings in English and Spanish on the song, treated the audience at 1Oak to a rare performance of the track but forgot the lyrics halfway. Instead of improvisation, Piper simply permeated a number of “blah, blah, blahs” and abused many Spanish-speaking fans who accused him of disrespect.

Bieber has achieved many professional milestones with Despacito, including replacing himself in number one with the song after a former rule with Khalid Khalid I am one. The cold water singer beat a record by the Beatles in the United States to get most of the songs in the top three of the weeks. Thanks to the success of the track board, Bieber spent five weeks in the top three, scoring a total of 13 weeks with two simultaneous songs.The shoe throwing incident was the graveyard of two other Bieber fans who donated cards to show Cardiff for the victims of the terrorist attack in Manchester.


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