After Jamaica Doping Scandal Usain Bolt No Longer A ‘Triple Triple’ Olympic Champion


Usain Bolt’s historic Olympic three times the triple is now a thing of the past. And now the star sprinting, along with fellow Jamaican Michael Frater and Asafa Powell, forced to hand over the back of the 4x100m relay gold medal won at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing after teammate Nesta Carter punished retroactively for violation of anti-doping.

In a statement issued on Wednesday (January 25), the International Olympic Committee revealed (IOC) that the re-analysis of samples Carter has led to “a positive test for dimethyl hexane Secretary of the banned substance.”

In addition to disqualifying Carter, the disciplinary committee of the International Olympic Committee confirmed that: “the Jamaican team disqualified from the event 4x100m relay men medals interview, pulling the pins medal and diploma, and must be returned.”

Three times world champion Carter, the faster the sixth 100M of all time runner, and also a member of the winning team in Jamaica in London in 2012, ran the first leg in 2008 as Jamaica stormed by Trinidad and Tobago and Japan to develop a new world record time of 37.10 seconds. While Carter’s urine sample is no longer at the beginning of any negative results, the following problem arose targeted re-testing of 454 samples from Beijing last year.


Bolt previously described the possibility of the need for a single delivery to the back of the medal as “heartbreaking.” He led the coach, 30-year-old record Olympic gold medals and nine in Rio de Janeiro last summer by completing the third row of the cleaning campaign, 100M, 200M and 4x100m relay competitions.

Is set Trinidad and Tobago now give gold as a result of the removal of Jamaica, Japan with promoted to silver. The team finished fourth Brazilian, and could now be in line for the bronze.

The International Olympic Committee also confirmed that Russia’s Tatyana Lebedeva was stripped of the long jump and triple jump silver medals won in Beijing after her sample re-analysis resulted in the abuse.