After His Heart Stopped For 40 Minutes Father Of Three Thanks Officers Who Brought Him Back From The Dead


A man from North Carolina returned miraculously to life after he stopped his heart for 40 minutes and praised the emergency workers who rescued him.

John Ogbourne, 36, was working on his laptop at a bakery on June 26 when he had a heart attack. An employee at the bakery saw that he was lying on the ground and immediately called 911 for help. Two emergency officers – Lawrence Goeler and Nikola Panjic – arrived at the scene in less than a minute and began to carry out CPR. They alternated and revived Oughborn for more than 40 minutes until the pulse returned.

Ogburn said he owes his life to the officers because they did not give up on him until after CPR for more than half an hour. The BBC said emergency workers were not required to carry out CPR after 20 minutes without any signs of vitality. “In certain time frames, they are supposed to be called, and they have not,” he said. “They continued to try to save me, and I am very grateful for that and for them.”

After the success of the CPR, Oggorn was brought to hospital and placed in a medically induced coma to help him recover. The first few days were a little blurry for him, but it quickly became clear that his brain had suffered no harm. “My level of energy was not what it used to be, but it may be because of a little bit of a routine change. Combining [chest compression and the internal defibrillator] is a small ulcer, but if all this makes a complaint, then I do really well” , Ogburn told the BBC he was still thinking about how to seize most of his second chance in life.

“I got the goose bumps around because when I saw him and his wife, how happy they were, we met his parents and they could not stop thanking us for saving their son’s life … that’s when I realized, we did all this … We did it. “


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