After Health Care Failure Approval Rating Falls To Record Low, Is Donald Trump A Good President?


Following the failed Republican House attempt to repeal the health care bill that defined his predecessor’s legacy, President Trump’s ratings continued to slide. A Gallup poll, which ran from Friday to Monday, showed that only 36 percent of the American public agreed with Trump’s work as commander-in-the lowest amount so far.

Trump was in office for just over two months, and they were troubled. While his support rate was 46 percent after his inauguration, he averaged about 42 percent. Three days before this last rating, for example, Trump with a 41 percent approval rate, Politeco said.However, while Trump achieved its lowest level of approval so far last week, it did not break its record of dissatisfaction – which was set at 58% after the 16-18 March period.

Gallup, Gallup’s editor-in-chief, said presidential ratings for job approval were liquid, and all presidents had seen ups and downs of ratings at different points in their departments – a historical precedent that Trump’s approval could fall further or recover in the coming weeks and months “Frank Newport wrote in a post promoting the poll.” An encouraging sign for Trump is that all the presidents, who have fallen to less than 36 percent – with the exception of [Richard] Nixon – have seen their ratings improve afterwards. ”

The Republican People’s Party shook last week when it had to cancel the vote on the US Health Care Act, which aims to be a new Obamacare, because it did not have enough support. Trump wrote on Saturday that he was still planning to tackle health care, and wrote that “Obamacare will explode, and we will come together and bring together a great health care plan for the people do not worry!”

A third of Trump voters in a recent Huffington Post / YouGov poll said they believe that US health care planners were responsible for its failure, with only 4 percent of Trump fans blaming the president himself. Forty-four percent of Americans said they believed Republicans should choose a new issue to focus on.


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