After Donald Trump Calls Late Singer Pavarotti A ‘Great Friend’ Internet Cracks Up


A press conference President Donald Trump valuable contribution to European country has some of the world, the opera singer to a claim of the Luciano Pavarotti, a friendly relationship with the April 20, Italy’s Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni to have had.

Described in Italy as the “beacon of artistic and scientific achievement,” and before him like Giuseppe Verdi and Pavarotti’s, artists reminded “my friends, my great friend.”

Trumpot be friendly with the singer’s widow, and his views on the world stage “is not entirely consistent.”In July 2016, the late opera singer’s family asked Trump to stop using the Pavarotti and recording of Nisson DORMA of Giacomo Puccini during his election campaign.

“We would like to recall that the values of brotherhood and solidarity expressed by Luciano Pavarotti throughout his artistic career are not fully consistent with the global view expressed by the candidate Donald Trump,” the family said in a statement.

After returning to the present time, the Internet decided to have a field day with the president’s comments on the assumption that Trump was not aware that the Maestro died in 2007 and joked that Bottus was hanging out with the singer’s ghost.

Even late at night host Jimmy Kimmel got to work, summoning Pavarotti’s spirit to question him about alleged friendship. “No! It’s full of s ** t,” said the ghost.


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