Adel al-Jubeir Saudi Foreign Minister makes landmark visit to Iraq


Strong foreign minister in Saudi Arabia, Adel al-Jubeir has made a historic visit to Iraq, becoming the first person in the office to visit the country since 1990. He holds the promise to repair chilly relations since long between the two countries, the time, the Saudi minister pledged Riyadh’s commitment to eliminate terrorism in the region.

During a joint news conference with his Iraqi counterpart, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, the Saudi minister said, he intends to improve cooperation with Baghdad.”It is the hope of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to build the distinguished relations between the two countries. There are also many common interests of the fight against extremism and terrorism, investment and trade opportunities between the two countries,” said al-Jubeir. “The kingdom stands at an equal distance from all Iraqi sects make up Iraq and supports the unity and stability of Iraq.”

Jubeir also confirmed naming a new ambassador to Iraq. Although Riyadh re-open its embassy in 2015, after it closed in 1990 during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, Baghdad has sought to quickly substitute him after he made some important observations.

“We need to correct what may have wronged in the past and improve our relations to move forward starting from increasing visits between officials of our two countries,” said al-Jaafari.

The reopening of the Saudi embassy in the Iraqi capital that was welcomed as an important milestone in relations between Sunni Saudi Arabia and Iraq, which is currently struggling to crawl back from the grip of Isis.The Saudi minister also held talks with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, he described his trip as fruitful.