A Urine Test Reviles the Truth behind Your Food


A urine test can show how healthy your meals are designed by UK scientists.They think it is because people have a bad reputation in their recording of your eating habits can be used to improve nutrition or weight loss advice.

Test detects diabetes and detailed Lancet, made out of chemicals is processed by the body as food Endocrinology.The research team could be widely available within two years.

Urine samples were analyzed to determine the composition is floating around in the chemicals using a technique called proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

It gives clues both recent and long-term food diet.Results of your body processing fruits, vegetables, different types of fish and meat, leaving a distinct signature in urineClues to the body’s metabolism and gut health condition can be detected by examining the chemicals.

Test, Imperial College London, was developed by a collaboration between Newcastle University and Aberystwyth University.

Dr. Isabel Garcia “This will eventually provide a tool for personalized nutritional monitoring to help maintain a healthy lifestyle Perez, said one of the researchers at Imperial.

“We can not tell us yet test phase, where one ate a total of 15 chips and sausages, but it’s coming.”Cases, under or over 60% report that either they are eating.Professor Gary Frost, Imperial may be a scientist, the first independent test of chewing actions in this nation.

He told BBC News: “You can really tell if someone is following a healthy diet or not.”If you eat the more likely you are to the report.”People find it difficult to open up to a big problem what kind of food to eat at home, that.”Researchers test results may help combat the risk of obesity such as type 2 diabetes or diseases.

Professor Frost to say: “If there is great and says their profile they are eating lots of energy dense foods like meat more, then you change its profile you can try them out and then again later.


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