To Get Gifts And Money Nevada Mother Accused Of Faking Son’s Illness And Death


A 31-year-old Nevada woman was charged with falsifying the illness of her 10-year-old son and his death so that she could get gifts and money from sympathizers. Prosecutors said Victoria Morrison also lied to her son and his campaign as he died of leukemia.

Authorities said Morrison spent months on the boy’s condition and died, and went on to set up a fake memorial service. The woman collected gifts and money, including a shopping spree with emergency responders in Carson City, riding a helicopter for her son, and gift cards, according to a criminal complaint filed on Wednesday (April 19th).

According to the Associated Press, Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong Morrison also claimed about $ 2,000 (1,562 pounds) on Gofondem. In a post that has since been removed, Morrison wrote that “the world fell” when I learned “my baby” had leukemia.

Ben Morrison was born “a list of things he wants to do before he gets (very sick), and now I’m my job to help him do it.” “But I am one mom for three other children and work, so please if you have a spare dollar help me help my son’s wishes and dreams come true.”

Furlong said Morrison continued the alleged fraud that lasted for several months where “everyone, despite the social media in the first place, reported that her son had died and his body had been burned.”

Forlong said Morrison’s son had been diagnosed with a treatable child disease more than a year ago. “But she used cosmetic medical information to convince the child, schools and the public that he had a muscular disease.” Sharif said the boy missed months of school.Furlong said the mother of four people held a fake memorial ceremony earlier this month.

She reported her shoulder-to-shoulder with a deputy deputy who called the boy after he informed the property manager of his vision. The boy told the deputy that his mother and a friend planned to take him on a weekend fishing trip.

Furlong said Morrison was initially charged with felony charges for fraudulent money after being arrested at the hotel last Friday (April 14). The son of Morrison and three other children were placed in state custody.Carson City Assistant District Attorney Melanie Brandingham said in an interview that Morrison faced another charge of child abuse after she learned that she told her son he was dying of leukemia.

The spokeswoman, Catherine Sisi, said Morrison had been prevented from Govondeme and donations made on behalf of the boy would be returned to donors.Morrison was detained after failing to secure a $ 20,000 bail. According to a father, a state-appointed lawyer was appointed to represent her. She faces up to 20 years’ imprisonment and a fine of $ 10,000 if convicted.


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