Pre-Election Terror Plot In Marseille British Intelligence Helps France Halt ‘Imminent’


Two Algerian jihadis were arrested in Isis planning an “imminent terrorist plot” in Marseille five days before the first round of French presidential elections, AFP quoted British intelligence officials as saying.The suspected terrorists, Klimon Pour, 23, and the Mirabit prosecutors, 29, were arrested on Tuesday (April 18th) in a raid by French elite police in the third district of Marseille on Tuesday morning.

They are suspected of plotting an attack coinciding with the election, with Emmanuel Macaron, Marin Le Pen and Francois Fillon leading the battle to become the next French president.French media said the raid included intelligence agents and elite anti-terrorism police officers, which resulted in cannons and rubbish of a kind similar to those used in the suicide bombings in Paris and Brussels.

Police said Merabit was from Croix near the Belgian border, while Bour is from Armonte, north of Paris. Police said the men were being held as part of an investigation into “a terrorist terrorist organization and a violation of the weapons law of a terrorist institution.”

The BBC reported that the two men were French citizens who were extremists in prison with police and added that the men were known to be Islamists.

A source close to conservative presidential candidate Vion said “the first intelligence came from British circles believed to have captured data on two well-known members of the security services,” the Le Figaro newspaper said.

The source continued to say that the Fion team warned last Friday of the plot, although the police did not say who, or what the target was.Vion also offered a picture of the suspects, the newspaper said.

The French newspaper Le Monde reported that officers found a videotape of one of the suspects standing in front of the Isis flag carrying a machine gun and a copy of Le Monde with Vion on the cover, along with the words La Louie du Taleon.”Their aim was to carry out an attack on French territory in the very short term, in other words in the coming days,” Interior Minister Matthias Vickel said.

The arrests will undoubtedly mean increased security during the elections in a country that remained under a state of emergency after a series of terrorist attacks across the country that killed 230 people.The latest attack was the stab of Kniveman’s two soldiers with a sickle at the Louvre in Paris in February.


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