People Demand The President Release His Tax Returns As Anti-Trump Protests Take Place Across The US


Anti-Trump rallies were held across the country, with thousands protesting against the president’s refusal to release his tax revenues.Protests were planned in 150 cities across the country, including Los Angeles, Washington DC,and Florida, near the Mar-a-Lago resort in Donald Trump, where he spent the weekend.Nine people were arrested in protests in Berkeley in clashes between pro-Tramb protesters and opponents.

Donald Trump told the American people that he would release his tax returns, despite intense public pressure, but President Trump has not yet done so, losing him 40 years before the operation.”The excuse of his administration?” People do not care. “We care, and without seeing his tax returns, we have no idea what to hide.”

Despite numerous rallies throughout the United States on April 15 to provide tax returns, the President was able to avoid the protesters – taking a longer route to the Mar-la-Lago resort to clear direction of the march.

Among the banners carried by the demonstrators in Florida, a sign says: “The blink of a little Tsar flash, Putin put you where you are.”However, the preliminary figures estimate that the turnout of women’s marches after Trump’s inauguration was low.

“My message to the president is short enough for Twitter, but today in America, we’re taking gloves,” said Sen. Ron Wyden, a senator at the Senate Finance Committee.”It’s time to hit tax cuts, there’s no more Cayman Islands for insiders, no more tax cuts for overseas shipping jobs, no more special breaks for Wall Street.”


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