In Georgia Special Election Democrats Mobilise In Hopes Of Winning Congressional Seat


Democrats hope to turn the seat of Congress to sixth in Georgia during special elections on Tuesday (April 18th). Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff has raised about $ 8.3 million in his bid to retain the seat previously held by Republican Tom Price in a race that could lead to runoff.

Ossoff’s bid offers Democrats the first real chance to demand victory since losing control of the House of Representatives and the White House. President Donald Trump’s weak job approval ratings at the national level have stimulated Democratic voters and are likely to lead the sixth region to blue.

Republicans have maintained control over the sixth province since 1979, but recent opinion polls show it may not be much more, the Guardian newspaper said. Opinion polls published in the days leading up to the special elections indicate a possible run-off between Ossoff and one of his Republican opponents, Karen Handel.

A WSOP poll released on Friday (14 April) showed that Osov would lead a strong 45.3 per cent of the votes, Handel in second place with 17.4 per cent. Three other Republicans, Bob Gray, Dan Moody and Judson Hill polled less than 10%.

Another poll by Openinsafe shows Ossof on an equal footing in the future. The investigative director leads 42%, while Handel accounts for 21%. Despite winning 20+ in both polls, Osov lacks the majority mark he needs to achieve on Tuesday to avoid the June 20 runoff, the Atlanta Journal reported.

Mark Rontree of Landmark Telecom, who conducted the survey, said the race, which includes 18 candidates, is also making an accurate presentation of the electoral turnout model particularly difficult. “These elections are not ordinary elections or regular or ordinary elections, and there is more money spent on this race than the special congressional elections,” he said.

Rowntree is right. According to the Guardian, the Democrats who go to the sixth region usually hope to raise $ 10,000 for their campaign. However, the candidate for the first time orsov has gone much higher with his $ 8.3m. Of the 8,320,693 dollars raised between December 21 and March 29, 95 percent were from outside the state, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Ausov, who served as Congressional aide to Congressman Hank Johnson for five years before continuing the press, said he “focuses on local economic issues.” He hoped that Atlanta would become “a calculated economic force for the rest of the country.””People appreciate my focus on local economic issues, job creation, investment, increased prosperity in the region, total affordability and increased opportunities at home,” he told the Guardian.

His growing popularity has led Republicans to release the offensive ads skeptical of his readiness for the post. In the ads issued by Gob Super Pack, the Congressional Leadership Fund (commissioned), footage of Ossoff dressed in Han Solo is used to portray the 30-year-old as “not ready” for the office. Ossoff said he did not mind the comparison.

Offensive ads did not stop there. He has been running various ads against Ossoff, targeting him outside the state, and documentaries he gave to Al Jazeera. Republicans from the United States also received help from President Trump, who posted a Facebook-sponsored ad calling for donations.”It’s a tough battle and they’re beating me hard, and I’m honored to see how they can win this race,” he said. “Georgia loves the minor.”


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