Trump’s Planned Funding Cuts To Sanctuary Cities, San Francisco Steps Up To Fight


San Francisco is trying to prevent US President Donald Trump’s executive order from cutting federal funding into the so-called Haram cities. The Republican president’s order to prevent cities that protect illegal immigrants from getting federal funding. San Francisco said it could not be implemented without congressional approval and asked a federal judge on Friday (14 April) to block its enforcement.

“Any restrictions on eligibility for federal funds – clearly, unambiguously and early – must be imposed by Congress,” lawyers in San Francisco said in written transcripts published by the Hill newspaper. “San Francisco is safer when all people, including undocumented migrants, feel safe reporting.”

The cities link the connection between the police and the federal immigration authorities, which Trump considers necessary to combat undocumented migration. He has campaigned against illegal immigrants who promise to campaign. San Francisco and the neighboring Santa Clara District have asked Judge William H Orrick to prevent the Executive Order.

In particular, the city and the district have argued against the police’s request to detain illegal immigrants serving an additional 48 hours’ imprisonment after serving their sentence.

Prosecutors have claimed that such a move would violate the constitutional rights of prisoners. City ordinances prevent police from reporting to immigration officials early on the release of an undocumented immigrant, according to NBC News.

However, lawyers from the Justice Department claimed that there was no reason why federal funding cuts had not yet occurred. They said that “San Francisco does not claim to lose any federal funds or claims, in this regard, that no action has been taken against it. “The city does not even claim that such work is threatened,” he said.


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