In California Indicates Permit Apple May Start Testing Self-Driving Cars


Apple may begin testing its own self-driving car soon, as the company recently obtained a permit from the Department of Automotive in California (DMF) to test its own driving technology.

The iPhone maker was largely a mom to develop his car without a driver and was not officially recognized as having plans to enter the self-driving market. Reports suggest in 2016, that the company has dropped its plans to develop the automotive component and instead focus on automation technology, similar to what Google is doing.

“Apple uses the learning machine to make its products and services more intelligent, more intuitive and more personal, and the company invests heavily in the study of automated learning and automation, and is excited about the potential of automated systems in many areas, including transportation,” the company said in December 2015. While being questioned about the rumored self-driving car project.

A statement from Dumph indicates that three cars, each of which are 2015 Lexus RX450h models, have obtained permission under the current permit to conduct pilot tests in California. In addition, six drivers were granted permission to be part of these tracks. Dump rules require that a human driver always sits in the car even if he is on a self-driving position.

The same Apple license was granted to 29 other companies including Mercedes, Volkswagen, BMW, Bosch, Nissan, Honda, Ford and others. Some others on the list such as Tesla, Uber and Google have already completed thousands of miles in test runs while Apple has yet to display any vehicle on public methods to test the exams.


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