Filming Season Seven Over Daryl Torment The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus ‘Hated’


The dead walking character Daryl Dixon experienced a particularly stressful time late. The biker was blamed for the death of the famous survivor Glenn, and was then arrested by villain Nijan. No wonder actor Norman Reidos admits that he “hates” filming the first part of Season VII.

After being tested throughout the seventh season, Darrell finally breathed a sigh of relief when she agreed with Maggie, whose wife Glenn died at the hands of Nigan in the seventh season. Darrell felt responsible for the horrendous death of Glenn after the challenge of Nigun, prompting the villain to her husband Maggie’s cell with a Barbour baseball bat named Lucille.

Darrell was then detained as a hostage by Nigand and Moffrey in their compound, where he ate to eat the dog and listen to an annoying jingle on the street easy to repeat. “In the first half, I hated him,” said Reidos, 48, of Ibtimes Oak.

“It was hard, there was a dude [character Dwight] wearing my clothes, I was not around my friends, I went to Scott and said this sucked for me and was like,” but supposed to, “said you should take these characters and less you can bring To them the top you can raise them again, and hope that [Darryl] will not be there forever. ”

Unfortunately for Ridus, Darrell’s future may be at stake as the survivor joins the fight against Nigan in the next seven final season. Fortunately, Ridus has unshakeable support for the growing camp base – even if that means that their devotion has risen to intense levels.

“Maybe different people follow different people, and I get the part” I give love, “he said in a speech to the fans his audience has created over the years.” Sometimes it’s a bit hard, I’ll admit, I get crazy 90 percent of the time it’s great, Do not sneak into – it gets creepy at times. ”

“The rules have changed a lot because of social media, but what I’ve started is to research between journalists and social media fans. Journalists follow through social media that pretend to be fans to sell and reach a level where they are completely bananas, personal space Is completely outside the window, turned into something different. ”

Dead Walking Season 7 Air Conclusion On Monday, April 3 at 9am on Fox in the UK.


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