Despite Repeal Of Privacy Laws AT&T, Comcast, Verizon Will Not Sell Internet Browsing History


Three of the largest Internet service providers in the United States – Comcast, Verizon and AT & T – announced that they will not sell the individual browsing history of customers, although Congress reflects the Internet privacy rules of the Obama administration.

The bill, expected to be signed by President Donald Trump soon, will be repealed by regulations approved by the Federal Communications Commission in October 2016. The procedures were suspended days before the FCC before coming into effect in March this year. Under these regulations, Internet service providers (ISPs) were required to protect customer privacy, but these revocation now allow Internet service providers to do the opposite – selling users browsing history.

After a major reaction to social media and criticisms of data privacy activists, companies said they had not sold the user’s browsing history and would not move forward.”We do not sell the individual browsing history of broadband customers, and we did not do that before the FCC rules were adopted, and we have no plans to do so,” says Gerrard Lewis, chief privacy officer at Comcast.

Verizon also made a similar claim. It has two programs that use customer browsing data: the first allows web marketers to access “identified information”, while the other provides “aggregated statistics” that are useful to advertisers. In either case there is no room for any individual browsing history being sold to third parties, according to the company.

AT & T also has a similar line, saying: “We will not sell your personal information to anyone, for any purpose.Browser history is currently sold by most websites, but overall to help marketers understand user behavior. In particular, social networking sites such as Facebook have been able to benefit from this browsing information because they are subject to more lenient laws under the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), unlike wireless providers governed by the FCC.


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