‘I’m going to try for another baby’ Says Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian has revealed she is trying another child. A mother told her child that she did not want to regret that there were no more children.Star reality is the mother to the north, 3 and St., 1 and the next of a large family are the same eager to add to her lap.However, after suffering complications in the first two pregnancies, the 36-year-old revealed that she would undergo surgery to repair her womb before considering pregnancy.

While chatting with her sisters and Kardashian Cathedral Chris Jenner at dinner about throwing a baby shower to a close friend, Kim presented the shock announcement that she was trying to figure out the third child.

“Should I try to change my wounds?” She asked. “I have to go and prepare the uterus because I decided I would try to have one child.””I have to have a surgical operation on the uterus, to repair this hole, so they need to clean it. There are scar tissue, and it will be really high to carry the pregnancy, so I will be able to carry it,” she said.

According to Mile Online, Kim said she was willing to take another chance to get a baby. “Having more children will certainly be a struggle,” she says. “I’ve been through very bad deliveries that doctors do not think it’s safe for me to imagine again.””This surgery is really the last thing I can try, I want my children to have siblings, and I want to know I’ve done everything I can.”

After two difficult pregnancies, the star under any illusions about what to expect. After the birth of her son she shared her experience with her followers saying, “I’m gonna keep his truth: for me, pregnancy is the worst experience in my life! Lol I do not enjoy one moment of it and I do not understand people who enjoy it.” “It may be swelling, headache or just the whole mind ** as how your body expands and nothing fits, and I always feel like I’m not in my own skin.”

“People just do not tell you all of the total things that happen during pregnancy or after. Do you know that you basically have to wear diapers for two months after that ?! lol No one told me that! #SoSexy“, continued. “Really, it’s all worth it when you have a precious child in the end! So for all the complain, it’s 100% worth it and more!”Despite her body, Kim spoke of her hopes of expanding her family with her husband Kanye West at the Elgin Debener show.

“Well, I just went to San Diego and gave my pregnant sister [Courtney Kardashian] a break.” “I cared about my niece, my niece and my daughter, washed them all, fed them, brought them in the pajamas, down to sleep you literally, like crying, was very hard, three children, t know how my mother did with six.”So, it was really hard, so I’ll go to two – but then again I have a lot of brothers and I love them, I’m my best friend, I want it for my kids, m going to do two and see how it is,” she added.


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