North Korea May Conduct Underground Nuclear Test Soon. Next World War?


In escalating tensions in East Asia, North Korea could close its sixth underground nuclear test, according to a report quoting US intelligence gathered Friday.Two US officials, speaking to CNN, said there were artificial images of the Bungi-ri test site, which showed significant changes to the site. The images regularly show military personnel, vehicles and equipment along with two tunnel entrances that could have been dug for use during the underground test.

However, the latest pictures showed a complete cessation of this activity, as was the case prior to Pyongyang’s previous nuclear tests. According to officials, this shows that the final preparations are over. A similar statement was issued by South Korea, a US ally.

“North Korea is certainly ready to conduct nuclear tests at any time if it decides to do so,” Unification Ministry spokesman Lee Duc-Hing told a news conference. “The South Korean and US intelligence authorities assess that North Korea is ready to conduct a nuclear test at any time on the leadership’s decision,” he said,

Pyongyang has indicated more tests, and a North Korean envoy said on Tuesday that its leader Kim Jong-un would launch an intercontinental ballistic missile “at any time and anywhere.”

The United States and South Korea are trying to deter North Korea’s nuclear threat and a long-range bomber was flown across the Korean Peninsula on Wednesday. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said during his visit to Seoul last week that pre-emptive strikes were “on the table” if the United States and its allies were threatened by North Korea’s nuclear program.

In response, the official KIA news agency in Pyongyang published an article entitled “You should not run the land, and reflect on the disastrous consequences of its attempted pre-emptive str



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