Within Hours Of Kim Jong-Un’s Orders, Warns South Korea North Korea Can Conduct Nuclear Detonation


South Korea said North Korea could conduct a new nuclear test as tension continued in the region. Preparations are under way and Pyongyang can carry out the bombing within hours of Kim Jong-un’s order.Seoul issued the warning amid concerns that the North could conduct a nuclear test in the coming weeks.

“North Korea is capable of conducting nuclear tests within hours after Kim Jong-un’s order,” said a South Korean defense official. “We maintain close exchanges on its nuclear facilities with common assets with the United States,” Yonhap News Agency reported.

Several reports over the past few days – whether through publications or analysts – believe that the isolated North Korean regime could either have a major missile or nuclear test. If the country extends to the bombing, it will be the country’s sixth nuclear test.”The test may come as early as the end of the month,” a US official was quoted as saying by the Fox newspaper.

So far, no activity has been reported at the Bungi-ri nuclear site, where North Korea has conducted five nuclear explosions. The site sees the movement of heavy vehicles before nuclear tests.On Wednesday (22 March), Pyongyang attempted to launch a missile, but it ended in failure. The shell was reportedly detonated within seconds after taking off.

“South Korea and the United States are aware of the launch of the missile and for their knowledge, a North Korean missile has not been successfully launched,” the defense ministry said in a statement.It remains unclear whether the failed launch is a medium-range or long-range missile.


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