Authorities In Puerto Rico Seized A Shipment Of 40,000 Fake Condoms


The authorities in Puerto Rico seized 40,000 false condoms that did not protect against pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.Condoms allegedly from China were seized in several operations over five days.

However, the US Immigration and Customs Service said it was unable to provide further details of the seizures, as it is part of an ongoing operation, the Associated Press reported.

There was a recent crackdown on counterfeit goods in Puerto Rico after a partnership between ACE, the US Customs and Border Protection Administration and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI).

“Trafficking in counterfeit goods is simply illegal, and in some cases it becomes a public health problem and it threatens,” Ricardo Mayoral, who oversees the Hesse operations in Puerto Rico, said in a statement made by Foro Nautisiso, National security at times.

“This illegal activity is a triple threat because it delivers substandard and often dangerous goods to the economy, displaces citizens from well-paid jobs and generates revenues that are often transferred to other criminal enterprises.

“The initiative will continue to work with its implementing partners to combat the distribution of counterfeit products, such as those seized in San Juan this week that could endanger unsolicited consumers.”Consumers who buy counterfeit goods such as make-up in the past have warned of risks including the hazardous substances that appear in the goods they buy.


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