‘Thug’ Look For Magazine Cover Aamir Khan Is In Don Look


    Thugs from Hindostan are a film that Bollywood Superstar coming true for the Indian film industry Aamir Khan is going to rock again with diving.Participants in this film with the star of another great and talented name plus the famous Amitabh Bachchan both are going to do the main role.

    Aamir Khan has been appointed an image, such as a magazine cover image of the film, is in a new style with a great look without several times in the past I did many kinds of styles and gold hit all the movies because of the diving.


    Without the next film is a man of the stage and everyone waits for the film role of his release will play an important role as the first without the Indian film industry is Shah Rukh Khan, who is also without a job is done in the name of the movie was the same, such as the hero’s name.

    It will be a challenge for Aamir Khan’s role will be as difficult as it is known as Bollywood romantic hero he is going to perform the task with a new challenge everyone thought it would be a blow to the film as an actor many talented and famous.

    Actor is busy these days in the shooting of Vice President Xi Jinping thugs film hindostan Aamir Khan’s name is looking great as he shared his cover picture magazine, which also works hard to promote his movie, Amitabh is a great friend of talented Aamir Khan Both works hard next to their film.


    Thugs from Hindustan is going to release the seventh of November 2018 fans waiting for the movie to see all actors work together and hope the film will be hitting the film’s producer Aditya Chopra and relax a lot.


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