For Muslim Female Athletes Such As Sarah Attar All New Nike Pro Hijab


Nike launches the veil for Muslim athletes are female. Nike Pro inspired veil Sarah Attar, Saudi runner who participated in London in 2012.Recognition of the growing number of Muslim women to participate in sport all over the world, sports shoes and apparel giant American launch of the veil in the spring 2018.

Nike’s statement said: “Nike Pro veil may be more than a year in the making, but the motivation can be traced much further back, to the ongoing cultural shift that women experienced more than ever to embrace the sport.”This movement permeated the first international consciousness in 2012, when he carried the veil global arena hostility in London.”

US-Saudi hostility, Attar, the Kingdom participated in the 800M in London and ended with two laps as the fastest 39 of the 40 finishers.In Rio in 2016, Attar entered the marathon again and finished the 132 fastest out of 133 finishers. Compatriot Crimean Abuljadaye appeared in the 100M in Rio, also wear the veil.

“The Nike Pro veil design a direct result of our athletes tell us they need this product to perform better, and we hope to help athletes all over the world do it,” said a spokesman for the global Nike Megan in Saalfeld Al Arabiya English.

UAE Olympic weightlifter safe mourning and fellow ice skater Zahra Lari among athletes consult Nike Pro veil during testing. The company also discussed the clothing with religious and community leaders to “ensure cultural design requirements met.”

He said in Saalfeld: “We recognize that worldwide there are barriers for many people to get to the sport, and some of these barriers unique to women and girls want is to help break down these barriers, and to encourage and enable more women to be pioneers. In the field of sports . “


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