Sikh man as possible hate crime FBI investigate shooting


The FBI is investigating the shooting of a Sikh man in the Seattle area a potential hate crime.The victim, aged 39, who was released from the hospital where he was treated after being shot in the arm, and said and said, “Go to your country” by the aggressor.

The Seattle office office in the Federal Bureau of Investigation is still “committed to the investigation of crimes that are likely to be motivated by hate,” according to the Seattle Times reported.He said the police chief Thomas Kean: “This investigation is a high priority and we are making every effort to identify and apprehend the suspect.”

He added that investigators had persuaded Kent East Hill area of the city where the shooting occurred, and spoke to potential witnesses and local businesses.”We put all possible resources to achieve this investigation,” he said.

Select the Minister for External Affairs of India, Sushma Swaraj, the victim on Sunday (March 5) on Twitter as Depp Ray.He told me that his son for a bullet injury in his arm. It is out of danger and recovering, “and I followed.

According to the Seattle Times, Ray told police he was working on his car in his driveway on Friday night (March 3) when he was approached by a white man and 6ft wearing a mask over the lower half of his face.

Row blew up between them and the man told Ray: “Go back to your country” before shooting him in the arm.Thomas revealed that the victim had been released from the hospital.The shooting came less than two weeks after the Indian men and claimed that the killing of a white gunman in Kansas bar and said, “You have to go out of my country.”

Srinivas Kuchibhotla (32 years) died in the attack and his friend Alok Madasani (32 years) was injured. A third man, Ian Grillot, aged 24, was wounded while trying to protect the men.Armed accused alleged, Adam Purinton, aged 51 years, was charged with murder, attempted murder, according to NBC News.


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