From Drain With Ingenious Chicken-Wire Ladder Super Dad Rescued Pet Hamster


Rescue father hamster pet animal sons of pipes in deep waters of the formation of long ladder meters of chicken wire. The animal was trapped for three days.It was a genius Andy Sykes almost due for trying to save a friend furry children “Fang when he hit on the idea of using chicken wire to provide the creature with the rise of the device to escape from the kitchen tube dingy.

Fang six months old and was originally involved in the plumbing when he was playing with the children is Sykes’ and the oldest on the dash so about Skirting boards.

From Chadderton, Mr. Sykes Manchester Evening News, said: “Based on the corner of my eye could see it inspects in his exercise ball, but when I looked again and I realized that he was in a corner of the kitchen corners.

“I jumped up and went to grab him but he fell through my fingers behind the cupboards. I did not know how to access it.””We pulled out the washing machine and went behind the cupboards. We were using our phones as torches to try to find him but he disappeared.”

Days after the family heard scratching coming from coming from the pipe under the kitchen sink. Sykes said: “I looked closer and saw that he chews on his way down I knew it had to be a presence and began shining through the phone and take advantage of the pipes.

“Then I saw his head pop up and it was at the bottom of scurrying around. I’m really excited he was alive because I did not see him for two days. It was my son may suggest food to the bottom of the pit so he did not die of starvation.”

Having set eyes on Fang, scratched their heads Sykes family to come up with a way for his release from the pipe, which was 1.2M and deep. Sykes said: “We had to be creative as possible.”After a few false starts, Sykes hit him on the idea of a mini primitive consists of chicken wire. He cut a piece and send it desperately Fang.

He said: “I do not know how that worked, but eventually came out as I grabbed him and told him it was actually nice and my children were very happy that they are jumping up and down!”.



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