Donald Trump’s Net Worth 2017 Falls $800 Million To $3.7 Billion


In spite of decades of precedent between the presidencies, Donald Trump was steadfast in his refusal to release his tax returns. He said, “You do not know that a lot of tax returns,” stressing at the first presidential debate on Monday, where he claimed to have been obtained from the audited almost for 15 years before taxes each year’s interest. “You will learn more about Donald Trump by going to the federal election,” Trump proposes, “as they advanced 104 pages mainly financial data of some kind.”

Many critics Trump say he is afraid that his tax returns will show he is not a billionaire Doubtful too. First, incomes Trump will not directly connected with the value of its assets, debt or share them in each. Second, Forbes has been scouring the wealth Trump for 35 years. Sometimes it was, sometimes it was down – and much of the 1990s was outside the club three playoffs.


Investigation Forbes’ new wealth to Trump pegs his wealth at $ 3700000000, down from $ 800 million last year. And the softening real estate market in New York City, especially in retail and offices, where assessments tend to bottom, has diminished his fortune estimated net the new information also a factor. 28 assets or assets scrutiny categories by Forbes magazine, declined to 18 in value, including his brand Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, a center of jewel 40 Wall Street and Mar-a-Lago Club and private beach him in Palm Beach.

Seven assets have increased in value – including the second tallest building of San Francisco, 555 California Street. One settled. There are two new assets that are included in his total number. One is a 4% stake in the affordable housing complex in Brooklyn that is listed in the provision of FEC Trump. In the only real estate transaction of the year, Trump bought the old almost 50-year-old warehouse in Charleston, S.C. That was in foreclosure. The warehouse was owned by the Titan Atlas, Donald Jr., who was an investor. At one point the younger Trump (as well as other investors) and personally guaranteed a loan of Deutsche Bank for the company. His father bought later than that.

As for his campaign, Trump gave $ 7000000 and is loaned it an additional $ 48 million of his own funds, which are not expected to Forbes that he will return.


Stakes are high. For the first time since H. Ross Perot father in 1992 and again in 1996, a billionaire has a chance (in this case, as a candidate for a large party, a much better one) from becoming president of the United States. Below you’ll find estimates and assumptions that we provide for all his money and not as is the case with Oprah Winfrey and Mark Cuban and the rest of the world, we do not agree on the moral value of God “brand.” Business leaders become brands in profits, which then get value. Alleged deals that can get done are not.

One more thing: Republican presidential candidate flowery said Monday night that his FEC filing showed income of $ 694 million over the past year. This does not happen, because in this document that mixed freely with income revenue, and it covers a period of 17 months.


An Asset By Asset Breakdown Of Donald Trump’s Wealth    


  1. Trump Tower (New York City)


Type: Office and retail

Total Value: $471 million

What Trump Owns: 244,000 sq. ft.

Debt: $100 million

Change vs. 2015: -$159 million

Net Value: $371 million

Opened: 1983

He pointed this glass skyscraper Fifth Avenue Trump’s arrival as a proper pole Manhattan. However, the contractor hired in 1980 to demolish allegedly Bonwit Teller store list to use a small army of Poles illegal workers, who were paid off the books when paid at all, to work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Trump has spent years in court fighting the referee that he was involved in the scheme before reaching a confidential settlement in 1999. He still denies wrongdoing. Trump Tower is worth $ 159 million less this year due to an estimated 20% of the net operating income of the building and an estimated decrease of 8% year due to softening in the Manhattan commercial real estate. Winner lives in the penthouse of the three floors in the tower, which Forbes values separately.


  1. 1290 Avenue of the Americas (New York City)


Type: Office and retail

Total Value: $2.31 billion

What Trump Owns: 30%

Debt: $950 million

Change vs. 2015: -$62 million

Net Value of Stake: $409 million

In 1994 it was burdened tract Trump 78 acres of land on the Upper West Side in New York near the Hudson River with religion. Donald persuaded a group of Chinese investors to bail him out through the purchase of real estate – and the reported $ 250 million in liabilities – and keep him to be a limited partner 30%. Twelve years later flipped property investors $ 1.76 billion and use the proceeds to buy for 1290 Avenue of the Americas and the Bank of America Center in San Francisco. Trump filed a lawsuit against his partners to prevent the deal, claiming – a typical way – that the device was worth much more than the selling price. Courts disagreed. Trump still owns 30% of the buildings that have been purchased by the Chinese partners (who sold their 70% controlling stake in Vornado in 2007, $ 1.81 billion) for. A New York broker says: “The best thing that happened than ever to him is that he lost those lawsuits.” Such as Trump Tower, it has its share in this office building consists of a 45-storey value ($ 62 million) due to the cooling market in Manhattan.


  1. Niketown (New York City)


Type: Retail

Total Value: $400 million

What Trump Owns: Ground lease through 2079

Debt: $10 million

Change vs. 2015: -$52 million

Net Value: $390 million

Nike flagship store is just around the corner from Trump Tower. Trump got the first retailer to lease space in 1995, to convince two separate land owners to allow Nike to build one building through neighboring parcels. (Trump in fact does not have the space but has rights to rent it out until 2079.) property – located on the property featured on 57 Street – generates some of the highest rents in the portfolio Trump. But Nike reportedly seeking out once the lease is up in May 2017, and the Manhattan retail vacancies are on the rise, which helps pay for this space is down $ 52 million since last year.


  1. 40 Wall Street (New York City)


Type: Office and retail

Total Value: $501 million

What Trump Owns: Ground lease through 2059

Net Value: $345 million

Debt: $156 million

Change vs. 2015: -$28 million

It has been designed Manhattan jewel Trump to be the tallest building in the world when construction began in 1929 and quickly lost the title to rival Chrysler Building, which is 100 feet tall. It has got a 71-storey tower in secret in 1982 by Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos, the former dictator of the Philippines and his wife prohibitive. After the ouster of Marcos from power in 1986 and was the auction of the building off; changed hands several times before Trump picked it up, it was for less than 10 million $, in 1995. Donald has been criticized over comments he made to the local TV station on 11/9 mentioning how to create the collapse of the twin towers of the World trade Center 40 Street tallest downtown building. Value of this property also decreased this year.


  1. Trump Park Avenue (New York City)


Type: Residential and retail

Total Value: $191 million

What Trump Owns: 49,564 sq. ft. of condos; 27,467 sq. ft. of retail

Net Value: $177 million

Debt: $14.3 million

Change vs. 2015: -$27 million


  1. Trump Parc/Trump Parc East (New York City)


Type: Residential and retail

Total Value: $88 million

What Trump Owns: 11,750 sq. ft. of condos; 14,963 sq. feet of retail; 13,108 sq. ft. of garage

Net Value: $88 million

Debt: $0

Change vs. 2015: +$17 million

Trump bought the two buildings overlooking Central Park in 1981, hoping to be demolished to make way for the construction of a new skyscraper skyscraper. But first he has to get rid of dozens of tenants of rent-controlled in the Trump Park East (was another hotel). According to the memorandums of judicial power and claimed to allow residents of Trump building falling into disrepair. So he offered to the public for homeless shelters in the city in the vacant units. A lawsuit against tenants for harassment and claimed the place was uninhabitable. Trump disagreed, saying that reducing the high-end services to low rents can not cover. He told the press that the building was full of rich people to take advantage of rent control. Eventually he gave up on his plan to destroy it. He reached an agreement with the tenants to convert the units to apartments and allow residents controlled rent to stay. Some are still living there – as does Trump’s son, Eric. Forbes estimates’ of the property value is up $ 17 million this year after it was discovered that Trump still owns retail and parking space in Trump Park, and the building next door.


  1. Trump International Hotel and Tower, Central Park West (New York City)


Type: Hotel/residential and retail

Total Value: $38 million

What Trump Owns: 10,578 sq. ft. of retail; 18,370 sq. ft. of garage; one 460-sq.-ft. condo

Net Value of Stake: $38 million

Debt: $0

Change vs. 2015: +$21 million


  1. Trump World Tower, 845 United Nations Plaza (New York City)


Type: Residential and retail

Total Value: $27 million

What Trump Owns: 9,007 sq. ft. of retail; 28,579 sq. ft. of garage; one 2,835-square-foot condo

Debt: $0

Change vs. 2015: -$16 million

Net Value of Stake: $27 million


  1. Spring Creek Towers (Brooklyn, N.Y.)


Type: Affordable housing units

Total Value: $1 billion

What Trump Owns: 4% stake

Net value of stake: $25 million

Debt: $408 million

Trump’s father, Fred, a group of 20,000 Brooklyn, Queens and apartments worth hundreds of millions collected at one point. But Donald was more interested in Manhattan. With the passage of time has sold most of the foreign holdings of-town family. The remaining assets of the sole reign of his father is an interest of 4% in the Spring Creek Towers, huge, government-backed 46 tower residential complex with 5881 units in the East New York neighborhood of Brooklyn that is said to copy bought in 1973.


  1. Trump Plaza (New York City)


Type: Residential and retail

Total Value: $27.7 million

What Trump Owns: Ground lease through 2082

Net Value: $13 million

Debt: $14.7 million

Change vs. 2015: -$16 million


  1. Trump Tower Penthouse (New York City)


Type: Personal residence

Total Value: $90 million

What Trump Owns: 30,000 sq. ft.

Net Value: $90 million

Debt: $0

Opened: 1983

Change vs. 2015: -$10 million


  1. 555 California Street (San Francisco)


Type: Office

Building Value: $1.645 billion

What Trump Owns: 30% stake

Net Value of Stake

Debt: $589 million

$317 million

Change vs. 2015: +$32 million

The other half of the deal, which was completed Trump Chinese investors in 2006. In exchange for 78-acre tract of land on the Upper West Side in New York, got the Chinese in 1290 Avenue of the Americas in New York (see above) and 555 California Street in San Francisco, then called Bank America Center. While valuations for office space San Francisco has dropped, I have directed the construction of the higher net income, and raise the value of the share before Trump $ 32 million.







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