British Military Forces Are Unqualified To Match Russian Military


UK is effectively unable to “effectively a military action against a belligerent enemy of Russia”, experts have claimed.Defense cuts “hollowing either as a result of the cancellation of the deployment of military capabilities” and was drawn into a conflict might give up the land, historical analysis and research center for conflict.

Seminars, after two days of serving and retired military generals to division commanders fighting the “heavy weight” in an afternoon, the army warned the risk of losing.

His report reflected a coalition against NATO if Russia and Europe have flexed its muscles UK capabilities.83,000 British troops, after the Napoleonic Wars in the early 19th century, stands at its lowest level the coalition has shrunk by 20,000 since coming to power seven years ago.

Experts warned reduced size “division commanders fighting the” weight in an afternoon of rest means the risk of losing. A paper prepared by the think tank Times concluded that “possible scenarios” What if there were another attack in a country that may be embroiled in controversy UK United Kingdom were reported and no imminent threat.

? “This raises an important question: The British Army is ready for such a possibility looks preparedness through a mere net labor force and kinetic energy capacity, it is not a simple ‘may answer’ British Army in the small and suffered years of budget cuts, “the newspaper said.

Army Second World War to rebuild and down, down only deployed 90 division during the Cold War during a.”The army is ready and capable of a strong, large-scale deployment of the force and divisional levels with sufficient notice of the war,” the defense ministry said.


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