‘Devil Worshipper’ Islington Raped Teenager For Devoted To Satan


The Islington flat raped a 19-year-old woman who was sent to prison for a self-professed Satanist nine years.Evangelou later Pedro left a way out of a plank of wood to prevent flat in Islington, North London “subjected his victim to attack a” long and harrowing “sex.

19 year old escaped out of a window and “call the police” and “help for a member of the public” to the eyes.After escaping, he ran out into the street and was “the shaking and upset”.Evangelou 4 June 2016 meeting with the angel, Slimelight night club in north London woman.

He was released the next day at 6am on Pembroke Street, back to his flat in Islington, the Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and then sexually assaulted him.

He was arrested by police in his flat. Evangelou claimed that sexual violence was a coincidence, but he was found guilty of rape and sexual assault in November.He has nine years for rape and was convicted to 20 years in prison for sexual assault, will run concurrently.

The 42-year-old convicted rapist Sky News, described himself as a Luciferian. Evangelou are secret tattoos and wears a pendant of a human tooth.

Luciferianism is a belief system that reveres Lucifer as an independent gain, guiding spirit of enlightenment symbol, instead of reflecting the figure of Christianity as Satan.

Detective Constable Stuart Douglas who said: “The victim in this case subjected to a long and harrowing violence.”The suffering he saw it as I was able to run out the suspect’s house was clear to those members of the public.”

Detective Inspector Neil Rawlinson: “The people are such attacks are rare but they do occur, we would like to reassure that stop at nothing to bring the culprits to justice.”In order to contact the police in the knowledge that they will encourage those who have been attacked will be heard and decided by a Evangelou or another.”


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